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I try not to reveal too much of the book's major plots but some times I can't help it to give an overall idea of what I personally thought. I try not to ruin the book for anyone and sorry if I do so. Any of the books I write about have been read recently so that the review is fresh in my mind. Some books I will reread and post again later but if you have a request let me know, it will take me a while to go through my library again.

Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

Rating Scale: The books I post here will be set on a rating scale. The scale being from 1-5 one being most likely to read again and 5 being least likely to read again.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

City of Dark Magic

City of Dark Magic Plot Summary
So, I found this in a box of books at my mom's house.  It had a bargain sticker on it from Barnes and Noble and I see how it ended up there.  This was not a bad book it had a good story, it was just missing something.  I don't know what exactly, I just couldn't into it, it was missing that hook that made me care what happened to the characters or follow them to the end.  The girl was kind of a slut bag and the boy/girl aspect was predictable.  The story on a stretch highlights the addictiveness of drugs, real or imaginary, and what people will risk for them.  I will say though, magical toenails is really pushing it even for me, not to mention really freakin gross.

 I am beginning to wonder if maybe I am a little harsh on these writers.  Am I making bad choices in books or becoming more difficult to entertain?  Ever since that horrible Laurell K Hamilton book nothing I have read has been worth it.  She better not have ruined my love for fantasy.  This book I finished weeks ago, but I was bored just writing the review for the book.   I would say if you run across this is a book store keep skimming the shelves.  If your're in an airport faced with this or Kim Kardishian's  biography then go ahead a grab this, i'm sure this will keep you interested longer.  When I was looking for the information for this book I saw the author has written a sequel.  This is a series I will not be continuing.

Rating ~~5

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Kestrel Waters

The Kestrel Waters Synopsis
So the publisher of this book is a serious marketeer! (probably made that word up but I'm ok with that)  I received an e-mail randomly asking me to read and honestly review this book.  They provided me with a copy of the book and I will say I was flattered.  Since my website is not even that popular, less that 3000 hits, I'm amazed they even found me in my lowly corner.  I wondered briefly if I should review positively no matter what I really thought due to the circumstances and because  it could give my blog more exposure, alas that would be unethical/political/ not my style and they said they wanted an honest opinion and honest is what they will get.  Which means this may be the one and only time I get someone asking me what I think!  I shall savor my moment...

I found several issues with this book along with a few highlights.  The language the book is written in while appropriate for the characters, setting, and time,  is very hard to understand.  I had to  re-read the first "chapter" (they are actually called verses throughout the book) about four times before I could grasp what was actually being said and even then it was iffy.  I would call it redneck southern hillbilly.  I grew up in Arkansas so I understand that this language actually exists and sadly people do talk this way I just don't know that using it as a writing style is a good idea.  I finally got the hang of words like spake (spoke) and the broken sentences about 40-50 pages in.  The storyline is in no way straightforward, the book starts at the end, and then jumps back into the past and continues from there until time catches up with itself at very end of the book.  There are numerous questions presented throughout that are never really answered.  There are breadcrumbs so that you can deduce some of the answers but nothing is ever really explained.  There were a few verses where I swore that I missed something but when I looked back I realized nope we just skipped over how that happened.  This was not one of those books I had trouble putting down.  I found it kind of boring for the most part.  I would almost say there was no climax, and who wants to put in all that effort for no climax? I mean really.  The storyline while discombobulated was ok once the puzzle is pieced together and you know what is going on, which takes the majority of the book.  I actually enjoyed the last 75 pages or so since something interesting was finally happening, but then the end came and bam more questions no answers the end.  Is this a new style I'm not aware of?  I feel like this is happening a lot in the books I've been reading lately.  I don't like it...  On a more positive note there are some pretty great quotes in the book.  They are mostly song lyrics but I think there may be some poetry in there also.  There was one I liked enough to mark the page and write it down, which means the effort wasn't a total bust.

I'm thinking this just wasn't my style of book.  There was a lot of remembering and holes to fill in and that seems like a lot of work for what should be a relaxing habit.  So if you like puzzles, remember little details and are not easily distracted you may enjoy this book more than I did.

Rating ~ 3

Friday, October 3, 2014

The American Heiress

The American Heiress Synopsis
Back to reading for the moment.  Finally found a little time to dive back in!  I have had this book for a while and finally felt the urge to read it. It turns out in the UK this book has different title called My Last Duchess, they are the same book, FYI.  It was a good read, kept me interested and I didn't want to put it down at 2 in the morning!  I finished it in about 4 days.  That being said if this book was based in reality of the lives of the rich and powerful thank god that is not me!  I would have lost my mind if I was Cora.  I don't have the patience or restraint to put up with rich politics, care of image, or deceit.  People with manners are very vindictive and hateful people.  I actually felt sorry for the main character the majority of the book even if she was a spoiled brat.  It's amazing somebody could be so naive and I think that is why I felt so bad for her, she wasn't bright enough to figure out what was going on around her or directly in front of her face.  Maybe I am too American but she let way too many things slide in public and private.  Cora was way too worried about what other people think, I blame her mother for that.  That is the way of high society though, gossip and humiliation is a currency. 

This is a definite chick book if the title didn't already give that away, no boys allowed.  It was written well with the exception of one thing.  The use of the word learnt, the author used it throughout the book and every time I saw it it made me cringe.  When I finished the book I looked up whether that was a real word of if the author used it to make me nuts.  Turns out learned is an American word and learnt is what every other English speaking country uses.  Even my spell check is telling me learnt is spelled wrong.  So I concede that the word is in fact real and used properly and since the book is based in England the use is legitimate.  As much as it pains me I will give the author leniency.  Still kind of annoying though.

Rating ~~ 3

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dragonfly in Amber

Dragonfly in Amber Plot Summary
I re-read this book trying to prepare for the next new release this summer, but I did not get far in the series and the new book is now out.  They are so long that it takes forever to get through them and there are 6!  None the less I did manage to finish book two again.  I love these books.  I am looking forward to the upcoming Starz series based on these books too,  hopefully STARZ does better than HBO did with true blood.  When you first begin the book you think that you have missed something from the last book, maybe this is the third book on accident?  No worries if you thought this, when I first read the series I actually looked it up to make sure it was the second book.  In case you haven't noticed the author likes to play with time and she takes full advantage in this book.  You start in the future and flash to the past rather abruptly; this method did well keeping the reader engaged and wondering what happened and maybe skipping ahead to see.  You have a bit of a "wait what happen" moment at the major time jump and you have to get nearly to the end to find out what happened.  We get to see Jamie and Claire's kid and the story explaining where she came from because she certainly wasn't there the last time we checked.  My big initial question was why on Earth would Claire leave Jamie to go back to her normal time?  I will say that on the whole I liked the story and activity of a courtly Paris entrepreneur much better than the stable boy at Leoch with nothing.  The couple move to Paris and try to stop a war.  We also get to see Jamie's actual home of Lallybroch if only briefly.  There are a few crazy characters that I love and wish we would see again: the apothecary owner is one of my favorites and of course Buton the hospital nun's "assistant".  Jamie proves himself an ass a few times but most men do so I guess that isn't news.  One of these instances was very bad and almost cost Claire her life.  You see a very different life style for the couple in this book, now they have money and political standing while previously they had no money or anything else but their family.  The upgrade is lavish but it is more dangerous and conniving too.  I had  difficulty of keeping up with the politics and plots all around in this book, my mind is just not devious enough to play such games, trying to look at a situation from so many sides, it was almost as bad as the politics in castle Leoch.  The book ends in the present and with a pretty hard slap for Claire.   


Monday, July 7, 2014

A Shiver of Light

A Shiver of Light Plot Summary
So I have finished moving (sort of) and started into reading again.   I began with the series' newest release 2 years in the making Merry Gentry.  I have one word after this long anticipated book...DISAPPOINTED.  I know that stories go in waves and they can't all be winners but man sad day.  I actually finished the book a few days ago but afterwards I was so mad I couldn't even think about writing.  I should have know when I saw this ridiculous cover that it was gonna be a let down.  I like consistency and changing it up mid-series is ridiculous, you don't even associate this book with the other books in the series.  Not all of the book was a let down though, it started out strong, Merry has her babies and seeing how they all turned out and their mixes was pretty cool.  The combination of all the men in the babies was interesting, even if the sharing fathers were completely predictable.  If you've read any of the series you will know which fathers shared a baby.  My sadness and anger began in the middle of the book and peaked at the very end.  By the time I turned the last page I was so mad I couldn't even sleep.  They say if a book gives you a strong emotional response that means it was a good book, but I just don't think so in this case.  There was no climax in the story.  There was a villian, a plot and potential for a  great climax (ha ha) but as happens it was disappointing in the end.  You read a book especially these books for a big finish, the aha! at the end or to see certain characters get what they deserve and there was none of that this time.  The big "climax" began 40 pages before the book ended, which when your reading does not seem like enough time at all to wrap up properly, (which for the record it didn't) and when is came to what could have been the good part the author was like okay this this and this happened the end.  A confession, revenge, a new monarch, a funeral and banishment all summed up in 2 pages the reader heard nothing else of it.  No details no elaboration just done.  It was complete horseshit!  I could have done with out the never ending Frost, Doyle, Merry triangle and substituted it for those lost details.  She explains everything else in lengthy detail why not this?!  The finale is supposed to be the best part of the story its why you read a book.  There was just so much waste in this book.  I had no problem putting it down because I was getting bored.  I would bet the author wasted 2 chapters on the exact same character descriptions used in all the other books.  Yes, it's good to remind the reader who is whom especially after such a long wait but this was a bit much.  It was like she was introducing them all over again TWICE! Waste waste waste.  Two big twists happened at the end and one had no explanation, I imagine it is setting up for the next book but how do you drop a huge bomb on the reader and not give them an elaboration?  Its just this is how it is now sorry.  Sadly, after the first few chapters Merry doesn't even interact with her kids unless she is randomly holding one during a conversation.  They were always being watched by the fathers while she is off doing princess/goddess things.   I haven't been this mad at an ending since the Sookie books ended so pitifully.   This book has a feel that the author looked at the calender and realized this book was due tomorrow and  it was only half finished; so she wrote the end the night before it was due and called it good. Maybe I should just stop reading series' as they progress it's like the writers don't care anymore or just give up and let it all go to shit.

Rating ~~ 5

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When Rabbit Howls

When Rabbit Howls Plot Summary
Holy terrifying.  This was a good book but oh so disturbing.  A personal account from a woman with 92 personalities.  Just the thought of the trauma required to splinter that many personalities is mind blowing.  Now I said personal account, it was supposedly written by a woman who actually experienced this disease and suffered the trauma, not her psychiatrist.  In the past, books on MPD were typically written by the doctor treating the patient not the patient themselves.  At times I did wonder if that was a legit claim or just a ploy to sell more books.   I wouldn't say there is anything in the book her shrink wouldn't know, but no way to really know at this point.  This is one not for the kiddos its very disturbing.  It contains abuse, bestiality, and torture beginning on a 2 year old up to like 16.  If you can't read the synopsis/review then pass on this read quickly.  If you are sick and love a good psychology read (like me) then this is it.  It didn't end out like I wanted it to but I guess real life never really does, its depressing that way. 

Rating~ 2

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Divine Misdemeanors

Divine Misdemeanors Plot Summary
Anti-climatic is all I have to say.  I am starting to wonder if I am too critical in the books I read.  I guess that means if I like a book then it really is good.  The major antagonist from the series is now gone, this means there is a vacuum in the story that was not filled well in this book.  That is a problem that most series authors seem to run in to.  Once the original story ends, because it eventually has to, its hard to recover the series. You have the bickering between the men and the murder story for drama. Due to the previous gore filled hatefulness in Merry's life this plot just wasn't enough for a good book.  I keep waiting for a big twist and it never came. There was a cool little twist with the men that Merry saved in the previous book but that was the high point.  Looks like the Goddess in keeping her promise. I am hoping that the book that is released in June will fix the major problem that I had with this book. If not I may have to bid adieu to Merry and her babies.  She is still only like 2 months pregnant she has many months to go and I want to see them, but not bad enough to buy/read 3 or 4 badly put together books.  Not to mention the wait time between books is 2 years.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Swallowing Darkness

Swallowing Darkness Plot Summary
Finally!  Merry finally finds a pair of balls in this book.  It's amazing what maternal instinct can do.  This book was much more tolerable than the more recent books; Merry annoyed me much less, the end fight was awesome, and she whined about Frost less which was nice.  I think what happened with him was kind of ridiculous she didn't end up having to sacrifice anything that she really wanted.  That is not really a sacrifice.  Yet, no one asked me and I guess we want happily ever after =/. bleh...this is not happily ever after kind of content.  Any way she finally has her fathers which once again she got everyone she wanted so no sacrifice there either.  I want to be this chick she has a goddess backing her up, a ton of hot men who all adore her, everyone wanting her to be a queen, and she can say she is mortal till she is blue in the face but that does not seem to be the case.  She should have died several times up to and including times in this book.  She can heal and turns out blow people up!  She gets a really cool new weapon that sadly she will hardly ever use, mostly because she is afraid of the power that it is linked to, but it's there none the less.  The Seelie court is going down in flames because of her idiot Uncle and his delusions.  Seems like everything is working out nicely for her.  Not everything is rainbows and puppy dogs though, she did get raped and that was horrible but at least she didn't have to remember any of it.  This whole book took place over the span of 1 day so if the author keeps up this time line those babies won't be born until book 300!  I want to see what the babies come out looking like, with a mix of daddies like that they will be major powerful and very colorful.  We see some minor squabbling with some of the men because they still have to share, but that idea is quickly put to bed by Merry.  Overall, best book compared to the last few.  Only one more book left to read until the newest comes out in June.  I thought the series would keep me busy until the new one was released but I guess I liked them to much to pace myself.  Oops.  What will I do until then?  


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Lick of Frost

A Lick of Frost Plot Summary
While reading this book I realized how jaded I have become, either that or Merry really is a selfish whiner i'm not sure which.  When I first read this series I was younger and believed right along with Merry, but now I say grow up and get over it.   If it wasn't obvious I am becoming quite annoyed with Merry.  She thinks she has some great epiphany in the beginning that her favorite man is Doyle, like we didn't already know that, but she came to this conclusion when he was injured.  In reality she acts irrationally when any of her harem gets injured, she feels in the moment, she felt exactly the same when Galen was hurt too.  This book ends  with her getting almost everything that she wanted, and a few perks that she didn't even know she could have.  Instead of appreciating what she was given, she immediately started bitching about the price of getting everything she has been working to get for herself and her people.  Everything comes at a price right and she got a hell of a lot.  She even said should give all of it back; the fate of her people, the magic, her family, just to get back what she had to give up.  That is selfish, its not all about her.   I guess I shouldn't fault her for being sad over what she had to give up but, don't go around telling other people that love you that they are inadequate...bitch.  I wanted to smack her continuously during this book, its like the second twilight all over again.  Anyway, on the other hand Merry creates a new sithen, which is pretty interesting, and she finally has that meeting with King Taranus that I was gypped out of seeing earlier.  The meeting doesn't go so well and we see the disarray that is the golden court. There is also a really big stretch in the plot that I have trouble getting past.  It seemed like the author couldn't make a decision that would please everyone so she just made some crap up so no reader would be disappointed.  Sometimes you gotta be the bad guy make a choice and stick with it, Merry always says this is not a fairy tail but it sure does seem to be shaping up that way.  If it ends in happily ever after I may vomit.  I guess I didn't like this book much.  The storyline itself is becoming to far fetched and ridiculous.  I was excited about the new book coming out but after re-reading the series now, i'm not so sure.

Rating~~ 4

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mistral's Kiss

Mistral's Kiss Plot Summary
This book still has action of both kinds but a little to much of one than the other.  There was like a 30-40 page sex scene with two guys at the same time, that may have ended in three guys.  I don't remember if this particular instance ended that way but it does definitely happen.  There is a little to much sex in this one, which seems absurd, but I found myself skipping whole pages to get back to the relevant story.  It sounded like she didn't know what to do so she just packed in the sex thinking no one would notice.  I remembered this book not being one of my favorites when I read it the first time but, some important stuff did happen.  King Sholto is rightful king and not a pathetic little puppy anymore.  Merry's powerful pu$$y brought forth a lot of power too.  I will say I am very unhappy that because of the way the book ended we never got to go to the goblin or seelie court.  I've been waiting for that to happen and it didn't!!  What a cop out!  Also Cel gets out ahhh!! It will be interesting to see what happens to Merry now.  If you've read any of the books you know how Cel feels about Merry. 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Stroke of Midnight

A Stroke of Midnight Plot Summary
So it seems that Merry can't seem to keep her legs together, or her body parts to herself!  Maybe because she is a descendent of a fertility deity or maybe its just the  magic but I surely don't know how she can have so much sex and have energy left for anything else, its crazy.  She also begs the men to perform a certain activity that most women would be glad that they didn't have to perform so often.  When the men won't let her she gets angry with them!  Its like a men's dream world.  I will say that at least she doesn't have to have sex all the time sometimes just a touch will bring the power back.  This book took place over maybe a 12 hour period which means that she still didn't meet at either of the other courts.  I wished we could have moved on a little, at least made it to the meetings at the he goblins, the slaugh, or the seelie court but none of that came to pass.  The magic started coming back to the Unseelie court so time sslloowweed way down  which is why they managed to pack a days worth of events in just a few hours.  Merry gains even more guards like she needed more and she kept them all busy.  There was some serious torture happening in this one that was described.  Like in earlier books she just sent the traitors to Ezekiel or Merry left the room but not in this book.  You get to hear all about the horrible things the Queen likes to do.  There is also some very impressive political tap dancing, but not so mush that it gets annoying.  There is more death in this book, you know for an immortal race they seem to die more than they should.  We almost lose a major character, but that didn't happen.  I get why they didn't let him die but it would be a good twist and give Merry and the guards motivation to find out and prove who is behind all the attempts. It might put a little ice in her veins, she really is kind of a wimp she might not be a great ruler when all of her followers are conniving and evil and she is so passive.  She will die before she sits on the throne.  Get Evil Merry!!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Seduced by Moonlight

Seduced by Moonlight Plot Summary

Holy sex and violence Batman!  I remember this being one of my favorites because it was action packed, but I forgot all the sex involved here!  The characters get a major power boost every time they turn around now but, not all the power share is sex related like it was in the first book.  That does not mean there is any lack of it that's for sure.  The whole book took place in a 2 day period so that tells you how involved the plot is in this book.  Assination attempts galore, a particularly large amount of blood and guts, and a duel this time around.  The queen shows her real colors and we see several new suitors.  Merry is going to be one tired little fairie.  I really wanted to see what happened at the Seelie court pow-wow but, alas that answer does not come in this book.  The king is seriously crazy though.  I suggest this book to non-squeamish adults.  That's pretty much this whole series it seems though.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Caress of Twilight

Caress of Twilight Plot Summary

Oh Merry, you lost a steam in your second book.  I may have forgotten to mention in the first summary that this is a book of vivid colors.  Anything with pretty colors catches my attention, add a very descriptive author and adult content and BAM I'm there.  Unfortunately, this book while introducing more colorful characters is very political which is not my favorite subject.  The princess entertains numerous visitors from all fairie courts playing politics.  When she isn't entertaining she is setting up her next political chess move, necessary but boooring.  Less fighting and detective work.  There is still hot and juicy with less of the violence, with the exception of the goblin scene I guess.  We do see the after affects of the Queens interrogation with no details  This is the build up book for the rest of the series, and the build up book as  I have said many times before is less than impressive.  Good news, new powers emerge which will make the next story more interesting.  The most disturbing of the book is old dying man sex...creepy.  If was not descriptive thank god but still unsettling.     


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Kiss of Shadows

Kiss of Shadows Plot Summary
So this is a re-read.  I can't seem to get in to any new books so I figured I would try reading some of my old favorites.  I went with this particular favorite because the next book in the series is coming out in June, and I didn't want to be lost when I read the next one.  This author is known more for her Anita Blake series rather than her Merry Gentry, which means that a new books for Merry don't happen as often (last one was 2 years ago).  The synopsis link is for the authors website which is in major need of a better web designer but it gets the information across. ( P.S. I know everything on this blog is stock with no web design in sight put i'm not a professional either!)  Anyway, on with the relevant, there is a reason I liked these books! 50 shades can suck it.  The difference with this is that not all the people in this story are human, its a book of magic and fairies but not Disney style more like rough and ready style.  The book is quite graphic with lots of blood and boning(very technical term).  I would say this is not for the squeamish or traditionalists and definitely not one to discuss with the family over dinner.  This is for the imagination that is not deterred by violence in the sack or characters that have tentacles, extra appendages, or horns.  Some of the men were gods and that are the colors of the rainbow.  I will say the authors imagination in creating these characters is quite impressive.  The author can get a little distracted though, I found myself saying "get to the point" on occasion.  For instance, she went on a 3 page tangent about a guy removing 1 stocking! 1!  It did build up the sexual tension, she was very good at sexual tension, I just don't think its the best time right before a climax in the story, not to be confused with the characters actual climax.  After finishing the book I did wonder if the authors sex life might be a little twisted to come up with some of these scenarios.  Alas, to each his own and none of my business but hmmmm...  From what I remember the series gets more risque as the books progress so if the sex/violence in this was to much for you then stop here this is not the series for you.  This is not a book that one "relates" to, it is way out there for entertainment value kinda thing.  I am starting the next book almost immediately so stay tuned.   

Good for romance/adults

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Book Thief

This book was excellent.  I wouldn't call this the feel good read of the year or anything, this story broke my heart to read, while it may be fiction something similar could have really happened.  I really liked that Death was the narrator.  In his direct perspective he liked to described everything in colors, including the skies above the concentration camps, it was an interesting albeit morbid take on things.  Since Death was telling the story based on his observations, the story is told in snippets from the main characters life.  I like when the author has the reader popping into the story at different intervals instead of one continuous story line.  You don't get a lot of extra fluff story.  The downside is that you know the characters fate before you even get to know who they are.  I guess when you know they are gonna die before they should you connect with the character  faster.  It seems the point of this book was to show that not all Germans during the Nazi era were bastards.  They were just people living their lives same as always.  Not everyone is an extremist, some did not agree with their government but what choice did they have?  Some Germans, more than I'm sure were given credit, risked everything; their life, family, what little they had, to help the people that the government kept saying was evil and dangerous.  I think the book showed that people did what they could.  It's nice to finally  read a book I really enjoyed even if it took me a while.  I seem to have been picking duds lately.  Maybe that's why i'm reading less :/      
                                           P.S. I know that this was fiction its the message that's important

Good for moral evalution