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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Night Circus

The Night Circus Plot Summary
So sorry that I'm way behind on my blogging I just haven't been feeling the reading vibe as of late..been having more of the sleeping vibe =/.  I read this book about a month ago while on vaca and have not really gotten on a real computer for more than a few minutes since then; my smart phone has made me lazy when it comes to getting online.  Anyway on to more important subjects like The Circus!!!  I loved this book, the story is not laid out for you all at once like in most books, instead you are given the story in little pieces that you have to put together as the story progresses.  It was kinda like looking at a picture up close, it doesn't make sense until you back up and see it's a full picture, if that makes since to anyone other than me...  Moving on, I was immediately drawn in by the name of this book, everyone likes the circus and one that takes place only at night when the mystery is greatest is intriguing, the fact that this circus was also full of magic just adds icing to the cake.  Needless to say it  took very little effort from the book synopsis writer to further convince me to walk to the cash register with the book.  The story centers around an unkonwn competition between a male and a female magician, real magicians not just illusionists.  The object and location of  the competition are set by the couplets teachers, but the students/readers are not given ANY details; what they are competing for, how long the competition lasts, what the are trying to achieve over the other, or even who their competitor is.  This makes the book confusing in some parts  mostly in the beginning but the magic, pretty colors, and circus attractions that are explained in very specific detail are an excellent distraction from your confusion.  I will say the writer has a very good imagination and translated it well into a book that I couldn't put down even on a vacation in Italy, I kept wanting to know who would win and what new attractions would show up at the circus.  I've already given this book to a friend to read and will suggest it to anyone looking for a fantasy read.
Good for the magic enthusiast