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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Scottish Prisoner

The Scottish Prisoner Plot Summary
Ok guys sorry for my super long delay in getting posts up but August was a busy month for me! Between work, vaca, and Ms. G's tendency to over talk in her stories I just couldn't get around to finish reading much less reviewing.  As i've learned andiamo lets go; this book is techinically part of the  Lord John series, but includes some of the lost Jaime Fraser years as well, which is why I got it.  If you don't know who Jamie is see my review of The Outlander and read it immediately its awesome.  I will say it has been a while since I read the series so I had a little trouble making the proper character connections, but overall she does well in connecting the dots for you.  This is not a book you can just jump into without context from at least one of, either the Lord John or Jaime books.  As always I enjoy Jamie's character and the building relationship with Grey.  There was lots af action, military scandal, and political back and forth in this book.  The details were very good and what I assume from the length and general details is quite accurate for a fictional book.  Though written detail has never been a problem with Ms. G considering the length of all her books whether they are a novella or an actual novel.  It was nice finally seeing details from Jaime's life after  Claire left him and how he was expected to live and move on a as a traitor to his country.  Not to mention you get a little more insight on how Jaime went from hating John to besties in the later outlander series.  There is a lot of male bonding in this book but not in like a TMI way..much.  There were murders and duels, plots to take over the crown again and suicide that made for an interesting story; and if there wasn't quite so much filler and easy book to want to finish.  I will say that the author just dosen't seem to know when to say when,she can draw a story out until the end of time i'm sure of it.  The meat of the story is good but sometimes the unneccessary side stories get a little tiresome.

Good for an action read very little girly stuff