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I try not to reveal too much of the book's major plots but some times I can't help it to give an overall idea of what I personally thought. I try not to ruin the book for anyone and sorry if I do so. Any of the books I write about have been read recently so that the review is fresh in my mind. Some books I will reread and post again later but if you have a request let me know, it will take me a while to go through my library again.

Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

Rating Scale: The books I post here will be set on a rating scale. The scale being from 1-5 one being most likely to read again and 5 being least likely to read again.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Mystery of the Black Jungle

The Mystery of the Black Jungle Plot Summary
So this book was added to my library by request!  My lonely member Warren asked for it a few months back and I am just now getting to finishing it.  I tried several times, but I kept getting distracted by different series'.  I started and finished this one on a plane this weekend and it did pretty well in keeping me sidetracked while waiting around the airport.  This is a classic story of love at first sight, the damsel in distress, and of course violence, death, human sacrifice, and exotic animals!  It was very interesting to learn about other religions through this book, I assume its accurate but I'm a snotty American and I don't know anything about other cultures =/  The extent that the main character went to save the girl was admirable and if he didn't kill so much worthy of a Disney production.  I won't lie though all the stabbing and strangling was refreshingly different, because this was back in the day before everyone and their mother had a gun.  You actually had to be strong and accurate at taking someone down, and not rely on a point and hope for the best attitude.  Now this was a translation so some of the wording is a little funny and there is an overuse of certain phrases like "or we are done for"  but other than that I liked the writing as well.  It did take a bit in the beginning to catch on to what the author was saying and form a mental picture of what was going on in the story, but there were even foot notes in the book to help better understand what was happening.  A successful read the action was good and ended with an " until we meet again" feel, so I may look into other books by this author.

The original cover in Italian is featured on the wikipidea page in the link above; I really like the original cover but alas I don't speak Italian  (not for lack of trying).  Warren if you still read tell me what you think

Good for a adventure story with minimal romance aspect

Monday, July 23, 2012

City of Glass

City of Glass Plot Summary
Well I just finished the final mortal instruments book!  Wait...there are more?  Well shit, I considered it the last one because I am D-O-N-E with the series.  It was good and kept me mostly interested, but I knew the ending of all the books way ahead of time and had already worked out the major plot twist for this book at the end of book two.  I just read the synopsis for book 4 and I already know who did it why and how that will go.  So I'm moving on without continuing this series at this point we are just creating problems to have more books.  All good things must come to an end J.K. Rowling knew it and Stephanie Meyer knew it looks like Cassandra missed the memo.  I thought this book wrapped things up nicely, like it was going to be the end then the author was mind lets just see how far we can take this until people get bored.  Most importantly, I am a native Arkansan and I must say the incestuous relationship in this story is stretching my tolerance.  I understand what the author is trying to do, but I think the author could have done better than oh no I'm in love with my brother/sister what do I do?  Hearing that the main characters want to make out every time they see each other when they are supposed to be siblings makes me a little queasy and I'm usually very open-minded when it comes to fictional books. 

good for a final book not a continuation


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Plot Summary
**Major Motion Picture**

I read this book several months ago and realized that I didn't write about it! How I missed it I don't know but I am remedying that oversight right now.  First of all do not go into this book thinking of the movie; the book was much stranger,  more Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland strange than Disney AiW. (If that makes since to anyone other then me)  Like in AiW its all a dream so you get some very interesting characters in the mix, but it gets kinda creepy toward the end.  I finally get the lions, tigers, and bears reference because you learn of all the scary critters in that forest or a combination of the three.  I really like the use of color in the book, p.s. Dorothy's shoes were really silver, but I was sad to see that the horse of all colors was absent from the book.  All the towns based on the cardinal directions have their own base color not just the emerald city.  Also in the book Dorothy is way more independent and a little spiteful to the wicked witch and I find that pretty awesome she is brave and doesn't just succumb to the witch's tricks she is a fighter.  There is so much more explanation in the book especially about the trips made by the characters; to the city, to the witches, and back, then the attempted journey home.  They meet many disturbingly creative creatures, people, and situations along the way this book definitely does not lack diversity!

good for goth type read


Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Plot Summary
This is the good sitting around passing the time book, it could also be added to the rainy day library and the children's bedtime story library.  All very important but the children's story being the most appropriate.  This is a book that was good for adults to read but so descriptive that it sparks a kids imagination and interest in nature.  In fact, kinda made me want to start a garden and watch things grow ad become pretty.  The story revolves around two sort of orphans and their struggle to get through their problems together and become normal kids.  The kids growing with the garden was a nice touch.   It did get a little long in places, but it was very relaxing, like doing yoga for the  It did leave a few holes that the many movies had to fill in for me; for example the book said something about a tree in the garden being shaped  like a chair and  the other kids didn't want to explain it's significance to Colin but the author didn't say why.  This was mildly annoying because if you are going to add something then explain what the significance to the story is, from watching the movies I know the significance of the tree but not from the book itself which kind of blows.  I also thought that the story ended a little abruptly I would have liked to see more but English literature was never the happily ever after kind of writing and I shouldn't expect every book to be that way I guess =/ 

Good for kids and to relax