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I try not to reveal too much of the book's major plots but some times I can't help it to give an overall idea of what I personally thought. I try not to ruin the book for anyone and sorry if I do so. Any of the books I write about have been read recently so that the review is fresh in my mind. Some books I will reread and post again later but if you have a request let me know, it will take me a while to go through my library again.

Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

Rating Scale: The books I post here will be set on a rating scale. The scale being from 1-5 one being most likely to read again and 5 being least likely to read again.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Night Plot Summary

This was a very intense read.  For my first memoir read I was surprised at how short it was, then I realized that was due to the fact that it spanned only a few horrific years in a teenage boy's life.  Upon reading this book I watched some biographies from the holocaust  with real video and photos.  I know that you are supposed to use your imagination in books, but putting actual footage with the tale of what happened next to each other is almost enough to make you cry.  If books do that sort of thing to you that is...while I'm not a crier this book certainly tested my limits.  To know that everyone around you is just letting you, your family, children, and neighbors suffer in such agony is ridiculous.  After hearing that they burned bodies in the middle of the town there is no way someone could not have an idea of what is going on.  Burning flesh has a very specific smell.  Not to mention the constant gunfire and sight of the deathly skinny inhabitants.  I also found it amazing, what us as humans, can become accustomed too over long periods of time and exposure.  This book goes into the past, and shows what a person can and will do to survive or to avoid pain.  I will say that, this memoir will not be scoring a decent re-read score.  That is not because the book was bad; it was good just sad and i'll have to burn some of the well described images out of my brain. 

Good for the historical buff


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bind, Torture, Kill the inside story of the serial killer next door

Bind Torture Kill Plot Summary

So I changed my mind, I will put my true crime books on here no matter how weird it makes me look.  This was a pretty good book.  I haven't read many true crime books so I can't really say whether it was well written or not.  This was told by the officers that worked most closely with this case so you can see the frustration they had in not being able to catch a serial killer after 20 years.  You always hear about the killer but this book helps shed some light not only on the victims, but the fear in the local area that all the women were experiencing.  To have to walk into your house and check your phone immediately, with the thought of having to run from the house if the phone is cut is horrifying.  The killer targeted a family, young women, older women, it didn't matter he had no type so the fear was in all of the community.  It was only due to his taunting that the police finally caught him.  The book has pictures of some of the evidence, the killer, crime scenes (minus the gross stuff) and photos from the trial.  Overall, it was good for a book about a bastard who no one ever suspected was able to do the horrible things he did to people.

Good for crime buffs


Monday, December 5, 2011


Fallen Plot Summary

So I started a new series.  I know it comes as a huge surprise but it is another teen book.  The thing is I usually pull these off a top read shelf so I don't realize that they are for teens until I  start reading them.  I did enjoy this book but I believe the author could have cut out about 100 pages in the middle of the book.  While reading I reached a point where I was like ok people I get it she is cursed get to the good stuff!!  The story sort of reminds me of the twilight series except its angels instead of vampires.  The ending was good and I think I will continue with the next book called Torment, the author did well enough that I want to know what happens next and see if the couple ever ends up together.  Being about angels, the book has its religious aspects to it, now I am nowhere near "religious" but I know the Sunday school version and that was enough.  That was something I liked, I knew that revolving around angels the subject would arise while discussing the more common stories of the bible she managed not to hammer down on the stories.  In fact there are clues all through the book about which is which in relation to good in evil if you pay  attention.  If you don't they explain it to you anyway so its not exactly necessary knowledge.  I also like the idea of what happens after someone dies.  Overall, not a waste of time read it!

Good for twilight lovers


Continue with series--yes

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sarah's Key

Sarah's Key Plot Summary
So here is my most recent find.  Before this I tried to read catcher in the rye and for the life of me I could not get through it so I moved on to something I found to be more interesting.  This book was suggested to me by a friend after talking about the Zookeepers Wife and a morbid interest in stories from the Holocaust.  This I will say is an excellent book.  Loved it had trouble putting it down and actually chose to read this book over watching Law and Order SVU which is an accomplishment.  It was one of those stories that your really really want it to end with ..."happily ever after", but its just not that kind of story and it would not be as good if it had.  This story starts out following a little girl in France through her horrible experience at concentration camps, hiding, loss of family in cruelest of ways.  The parallel story to this started with a journalist covering a simple anniversary story but the story comes to this journalist in a very volatile time in her life in modern day France.  After hearing the heart wrenching tale of what the French police did to all the Jews in Paris, and  more specifically this young girl, she makes it her mission to find out what happened to the little girl.  While being quite sad I would suggest this book for those who are interested in fact mixed with fiction.

Good for a historical fiction read