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Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning Plot Summary
  Action packed book love it, we immediately start off with the action which is  a big plus for me.  One of Sookie's numerous enemies possibly of shifter origin attacks her at the bar and nearly sets it on fire.  Once again Sookie's personal life interferes with the business of the already suffering Merlotte's.  When Eric storms in to play dominate male she begins to suspect that Eric is keeping a very important secret from her; Pam is all but screaming it at her but, Pam is not allowed to talk about the secret.  Due to this big disagreement her and Eric roll around fighting hard core in Sookie's kitchen turns out Pam is a much better "friend" than Sookie originally thought.  To add mystery Sookie is starting to question her fairy guests and why they are really hanging around her so much.  She has declined a relationship with both of the men (thank God, incest is not cool) but, it turns out the proximity to the fae makes her more beautiful and youthful! Why look a gift horse in the mouth right?!  But she had to push the issue so the fairies sort of explain their motives and that the fairy war and the closing off of fairy was pretty much all her fault.  Also, when fairy was closed a bunch of fae creatures were left out so now there is a whole other group of folks that hate her! Geez.  Anyway, Eric is starting to fall from my good graces because he is being a giant douche.  He shows up to take Sookie to the new vamp bar that good ole Vic opened just to be a bastard.  Vic tries to trick the vamps into drinking fairy blood which would have sent them bouncing off the walls and possibly giving Vic a reason to stake them both (Pam was there too).  The fairies, against their will, help Sookie clean out her attic of a lot of old family crap; in the process of dispersing an antiquarian finds a secret drawer that held a letter from Sookie's grandmother and what looked like a green compact.  Overwhelmed with emotion, she hides it away to look at later.  Later on at the bar, poor Sam he really should fire her for the good of his bar, four drugged out huge dudes show up to kidnap Sookie.  At the request of a certain demon lawyer some detectives conveniently show up at the exact right moment to tell her that a certain angry bitch is after her and she better watch out.  After that drama Sookie goes home  to read the letter she found written by her grandmother.  She finally got her answers about why her grandmother did what she did and hold her accountable so to speak.  What she thought was a compact was actually bit of powerful fairy magic that I imagine everybody under the sun will want to steal..yay.  So after the attempted kidnaping before the bar closes the crazy B shows up and outright pulls a gun on Sookie.  Crazy B is again unsuccessful and ends up in the hospital.  All these attempts on Sookie's life I am amazed she is still breathing I mean really this girl puts a cat to shame.  The most annoying thing is that being around vampires all the time and constantly injured she is never injured bad enough that it comes to choice between conversion or death which is such a disappointment.   I want to see if the vamps really love her and let her die like she wants and not make her a vamp...I'm such a bad person.  Yet another attempted kidnaping goes wrong and Sookie ends up dripping wet and naked in Bill's daytime hidey hole.  This result in an anticlimactic ending in the sex department but a disturbing one for the kidnapers as it turns out.  Sookie's buddy Amelia shows up to re-enforce the wards around the house and tell Sookie the quasi-good news, she found a way to break the blood bond with Eric.  Oh no! now we have the moral debate should I or shouldn't I?  I say don't do it!  The point of this book is the quest to kill that bastard Victor.  This plan includs the best/worst vamp in the book other than Eric, BUBBA! yay!! love him and he puts on a concert as a ruse for his big fan Vic.  Well both crews show up at Fangtasia and a war breaks out with four humans stuffed in the middle.  Sookie escapes harm by some miracle only to be greeted at home by the crazy B who finally DIES!  I guess Sookie and the gang are taking care of her enemies one at a time, doesn't seem fast enough but whatever. 


Almost set on Fire                  Almost shot by              Almost shot                         Attacked by
                                                  druggies                  by crazy                              Kidnapers

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dead in the Family

Dead in the Family Plot Summary

So Sookie has family poppin outta the woodworks.  Every time she turns around there is someone saying hey I'm related to you!!  Sookie I am your father or whatever.  Not super impressed with this one, but that could be because I like action and when the storyline is slow I'm kinda like meh.  The book starts out on a downer with Sookie's roomie moving out, her having to recover from the traumatic injuries, the constant nightmares, and struggling with depression in the aftermath of the fairy war.  The death of Claudine +1 and Trey hit her especially hard because she felt their death was her fault (which indirectly it was) and that was tough for her to get over, like any sinful girl she lost herself in Eric (yum) for a while but it didn't work.  I say she just wasn't trying hard enough Eric would make me forget everything!!  After a visit from Claude Sookie snaps out of her funk and resolves to be more positive.  During all of her mourning Bill is across the cemetery literally wasting away.  When Sookie see's Bill like this she drops her hate torch and does what any woman would do; she breaks into his house while he is asleep and steals a copy of his vampire data base to find his "sister."  This sister is the only person that can help Bill now because they share a blood bond with Lorena their maker who because of Sookie is dead.  Oops, Sookie is just one bad side effect after another she should have a warning label " if you know/befriend me you will be injured you may be killed" but in all fairness Lorena deserved it.  So she finds the sister and discovers that she is a super clingy vamp obsessed with Bill which was why he didn't call her to begin with.  This is why she shouldn't put her nose where it doesn't belong!!  Pam comes to get Sookie one night to talk to Eric and on their way back they are attacked by Victor's best fighters because of Pam's awesomeness and Sookie's good luck they defeat the duo and there is  nothing ole Vic can do about it because he did it behind the kings back Ha HA!!  Not to mention that a second body shows up in Sookies woods and the supes got rid of what turned out to be the body of Alcide's new second buried in her woods, fortunately for Sookie, because the law shows up the next day with an exact location of the body not weird at all right?  Meanwhile during this little thing Eric's maker shows up with a new child, who is 13 I  might add, who turns out to be previous Russian royalty. Kid and his maker are both douches who hate Sookie.(which seems to be a developing pattern) Because of the super violent way the kid died (a Romanov)he  has some serious mental issues and tends to go off on killing sprees with no way to  stop him.  As if things were not bad enough the crazy great uncle dermont Jason's twin shows up at Sookies babbling nonsense when she realizes that he is under a spell of some kind then runs off into the distance.  A few days later Sookie gets a call from Alcide saying he wants her to come to a Were trial and he agrees for protection that she can bring Jason.  When she arrives he suckers into being their Shaman and silly Sookie just hops on board and drinks a glowing potion.  Here little kid wanna get in my van? So stupid.  So she drinks it and everyone starts glowing and she gets what I expect would be a LSD trip.  The special drug helps here pinpoint the guilty parties in the trail for the death of the new second and that was the end of those guys.  Sookie makes more enemies, she should really keep her mouth and brain shut.  After leaving Alcides Sookie goes to Erics and finds that the kid has lost his shit and killed a bunch of people at Erics and ran off.  He shows up  at Sookies looking for Jason while Claude and a mystery fairy fight him off the mystery fairy is Claudine's baby daddy who blames Sookie for killing his child big surprise.  So kid and maker die that night via fairy (b/c he was trying to kill Sookie) and mystery fairy is then killed by Dermont the crazy great uncle.  Claude breaks Dermont from his spell in the most ridiculous Disney way and then the whole family hops into bed together to sleep and energize their fairy batteries.  WEIRD


Attacked by Minions                                                  Attacked by Mystery