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Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Only Living Witness

THe Only Living Witness Plot Summary
Creepy psycho killer Ted Bundy's story, I will say this book was much better than the BTK crime book. The authors gave you the case facts helped you put it together, but didn't force a blatant story on you.  That's not to say the story didn't have that rose colored tint on the side of the police, that was apparent when the author's poked a little fun at Bundy's tactics and mistakes.  The author's tried to use his inevitable mistakes to  "prove" even the most elusive and sick criminals miss a step and the PO-PO will always be there to get you...bad boys bad boys wacha gonna do... you know the cops always prosper like CSI or whatever.  It was disturbing to see into the mind of  a psycho.  You don't get specific gross details and there are no pictures so the gag factor is low but the cringe factor is significantly higher, you get more of the raw facts. (like stain was found here and the body like this what does that suggest?)  Bundy's  reference and manipulation of women is a little creepy all throughout the book especially in his direct quotes.  The book takes you through his various known murders, how he acquired his victims all the way through his trials, appeals, and final electrocution.  He was admitting to killing women on his last day of life.  Its' weird to think that for every 1 caught there are 3 more out there.  That's why I don't do statistics

Good for a psych paper


Friday, April 6, 2012

The Help

The Help Synopsis

This suddenly popular novel addresses being in the deep redneck south from the point of view of, several maids working in their white lady's kitchen.  All of these stories are told to one of the more open minded white lady's who is taking all the information and making it into a book. (how ironic)  It is nice to see both sides of the stories and how they are being received by each side.  You will learn a story from the maid and see how it affects the lives of the other characters.  I would love to say that this is a complete fabrication of what us southern white ladies behavior is really like...but I can't.  The "head cheerleader" of the book was what I found accurate.  In small towns the popular's from high school tend to roll over as the important's in your adult life.  Sad but true and portrayed as such here (Jackson not really small now but you get it)  I wish we could have heard more of  the maids stories, thought that was kinda of the point of the book, but not so much.  Some of the maids you found out their name but nothing else, not who they worked for or anything.  The stories from the few maids were very good, I like that there was not just a total smack down on all the white ladies there were good and bad attitudes toward and between the maids and their employers.  These women spend so much of their lives together raising children and participating in each others daily life, its good to see that some of the women have a real relationship a bright spot in the middle of nasty background; that not everyone was a huge douche and some people considered these women family. Just shows you shouldn't judge people by what they do as a profession.   

Good for a historical eye opener