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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dead to the World

Dead to the World Plot Summary

Book 5 of the Sookie books.  I remember this being my favorite of the Sookie books, mostly because as I've said previously I love Eric and this is a book all about him as his "innocent" uncorrupted self.  Sookie drives home after work to find a deliciously naked Eric running down her road for a very strange reason.  Eric refuses to fang a witch so she poofs him to Bon Temps with no memory of who he is or any of his very long life.  Well of course he gets shacked up with Sookie, because Bill was conviently out of the country at the time.  Its nice seeing Eric not being a huge douche and the harlequin story line does well to bridge the gap between him and Sookie's strained relationship.  Sookie pretended to put up a fight in the beginning but who could resist she sterotypically falls for the vunerable Eric and they finally fang!! So exciting!  The skank Debbie was back and in her typical trashy form, Jason got more than he bargained for by dating into a incestious were community; like that cliche back woods redneck family exhibited in the South.  Jason gets an eye opener to what the world is really about in a bad way.  Finally we have the witches the easy going wiccans and the crazy ass magic power hungry kind.  Sookie gets her ass kicked yet again and was once again crucial to the winning of the war between magical creatures.  I am starting to see a pattern in these books but I can't bring myself to put em down.  Also very importantly Bubba makes a cameo in this book he only has a milla second of time but just his name makes we giggle.  Oh vampires
Good for the magical romance lover and of course Sookie/Eric fan


A$$ beat at the witch war by