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Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Club Dead a sexy vampire voice.  I think that I will start a countdown as of  now; how many times does Sookie comes to the brink of death in each book.  If I can figure it out it'll be cute little pictures on the bottom of the blog, but if anyone can tell me how to speed it along I would appreciate it.  =)~  So book number four the appearance of Alcide the Werewolf..mmmm he is so sweet exactly what you want southern men to be like in real life, complete with a skanky white trash ex girlfriend with jealousy issues.  I enjoy the books more as we go along the series, and reading them all together makes things much clearer on how things happen.  Sookie gets a glimpse of the not so sexy side of  Bill and is reminded that Bill is a vampire and dangerous.  Eric might as well have been riding a white horse in this book the author is really building him up for something.  This tactic worked because I love Eric!  Eric has a thing for Sookie sometimes just sexual but I think there is something more back there.  I can't wait to see what he does I'm sure it will be evil and selfish somehow.  The up to now key relationship takes a turn off a cliff.  In order to make up for the lack of sexual heat from S and B the author surrounds Sookie in completely opposite handsome men.  The sexual tension between her and the men is palpable and makes you want to be her, part of the time anyway, not so much when she gets her ass kicked constantly. The most depressing part of her situation is that she just pisses both those beautiful men away.  I hate her so much!! I guess Bill was her first everything so its hard to let that one go sigh...heart wrenching.  Sookie does grow some balls toward the end of this book refreshingly,  her inevitably risky lifestyle choice keeps putting her in very dangerous and stressful situations which finally spawned an accept and deal with it attitude she so desperately needed.

Good for the hot southern gentlemen lovers


               Staked by                Eaten and Raped by           Werewolves 
  Fellowship Nutso                         Bill                       beat her a$$


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas Plot Summary
Needless to say these books are a pretty quick and easy read.  I will have to say that Ms. Sookie is a magnet for bad luck its enough to make you feel bad fo the girl even if she kind of gets herself into it.  She tries to be the bad ass human working with the vampires, but she just ends up bloodied, bruised, and mostly dead more for her trouble.  I wish Sookie wan't so damsel in destress, I kinda wish they would just turn her so she could be as badass as she thinks she is otherwise that mouth is gonna get her in trouble.  Now some of her troubles I wouldn't mind having such as having multiple superhuman sexy beings fighting over me girl take that opportunity and run with it!..prrrrr...  You get much more sexy time with Bill and Sookie in this book and a very lovely description of Eric in spandex mmmm.  Eric has always been my favorite even if he is a douche, his little plea towards the end makes me melt.  Bill is still there and but now he is more boring doing the same ole thing, conservative and some what selfish.  Someone needs to give that man a book about women these days so he can use it as a bible.  The introduction of  more were-animals and a very fanatical group of vamp haters moves the story along, only thing is that it seems to paint a bad picture of church but I guess they are extremests still little weird.  I very much enjoyed the book I look forward to the upcoming shennanigans of the next 9 books and the final one on May 7th so sad. 

Good for sourthen girls

Rating~~ 1
Nearly Killed      Nearly Killed        Nearly Killed        Brain Nearly Fried by
 by Maenad      By Long Shadow   in the Fellowship       Maenad

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dead until Dark

Dead until Dark Plot Summary 
Happy New Year all!! This marks the year that the Sookie Stackhouse series comes to an end via author Charlaine Harris.  So I figured I'd start at the beginning so that I can appreciate the series in proper sequence finally, the author swears Sookie will never become a vampire lets see if she sticks to her word.
 I love this book series, which means, I have been disappointed in the True Blood series (only in relation to the book I like the show).  Anyway not the point, this is book one in the Sookie Stackhouse tales; this was my second time reading the book and I can still say that I really liked it.  Down side: I don't remember Sookie being so damsel in distress in the early books; i guess she took time to become more badass.  You have to be open minded because sometimes the story borders on a little cheezy with vampires "coming out," telepathy, and Bubba but I think that was what made me wanna keep reading.  I will say Bubba is one of my favorite characters in this series, but this may just be my natural bias because of my mid-south heritage, unfortunately he got off to a bad start in this book.  Vampire Bill is so old world and traditional with his idea of courting and taking care of your girl; its sweet in a stetford kind of way.  Up side: there is no lack of sex or violence in this book so if you are looking for fight scenes and murder sprinkled with a little kinky sex than look no further.  Its sign of a good story when you are quickly invested in the future of the characters by page 100 and are bummed when something happens.  Good writing overall I look forward to continuing the series and see how deep Sookie sinks.

Note: I have not read the most recent Sookie book so I am not sure how it is ending.  Also because Sookie ends up in the hospital, mortally wounded, or bruised and beaten more than her share I have decied to be tacky and add a Sookie Stackhous ass Kicking Talley for each book lets see if she really does get more bad ass.

Good for the adult vampire experience

Rating~~ 1

   Butt Kicked by                   Butt Kicked by                 Butt Kicked by
      Rattrays                               Killer                              Long Shadow