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I try not to reveal too much of the book's major plots but some times I can't help it to give an overall idea of what I personally thought. I try not to ruin the book for anyone and sorry if I do so. Any of the books I write about have been read recently so that the review is fresh in my mind. Some books I will reread and post again later but if you have a request let me know, it will take me a while to go through my library again.

Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

Rating Scale: The books I post here will be set on a rating scale. The scale being from 1-5 one being most likely to read again and 5 being least likely to read again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear John

Dear John Plot Summary
**Terrible Major Motion Picture**

So this is the original cover art as promised but the book I bought had the movie cover on it.  I know I know I'm a traitor to my authors but I was in an airport and needed a book for a flight and that was all I could find.  Plus the guy from the movie is super hot so it doubled as eye candy.  I was able to finish it on a round trip flight to California and here is what I think.  First, I will insert my bias here, my husband is in the military and has been for 6 years so I know what these people are going through kind of.  While he was not stationed over seas I went a long period without seeing him (2 years) and all I have to say to this girl is if you really loved him suck it up pansy.  Seriously I guess the title didn't give it away for me, knowing that a dear john letter is a break up letter should have tipped me off but I was optimistic.  Bad choice quite possibly the worst book I have ever read which is why I refuse to watch the movie.  I was depressed and angry by the end of he book so I can't imagine that the movie would be any better.  I'm all for a tragedy every once in while but damn that kind of thing is so cliché it gives us other military girls a horrible name.  This was supposed to be a story about how love is found and lost so "easily"  The fact that the main characters fall in love over a two week span of awesome honeymoon period and loose it over 3-5 years of 50 weeks apart is just shocking right?  Why were they surprised that their love faded out because they were apart and had to learn about each other over letters and phone calls..  Duh! ridiculous.  I wouldn't suggest this book to any one.  I assume the movie would be the same.

good for NO ONE


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Peachkeeper

The Peach Keeper Plot Summary
Alas I'm back, on to the next chick book that I like so much.  So, lets talk about the peachkeeper I have decided that this author likes the whole high school used to define me but now at 30 I will overcome/embrace this thing.  If I ignore that part of one of the romance stories it was a pretty good read.  Some of the heartache could have been avoided by asking and awkward but necessary question but then there wouldn't be a story that way lol.  The chase is the best part.  The story has murder, mystery, romance, and more of that gooey good stuff that makes a chick story good. Since this author is very found of the high school persona I think I will avoid her books in the future only because i'm not into that kind of read.  Used to be but i've grown out of it.  It wasn't one of those books that was like pulling teeth to get through by any means I did want to know how it was going to end without guessing, but I doubt it will be one of the stories that I keep on my bookshelf, more than likely it will end up at a used bookstore.

good read for high school girls