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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound Plot Summary

Another mediocre book I'm sorry to say.  Better than the book before this one but not as good as the first three by a long shot.  We have finally reached the end of the school year after 5 books and numerous chances Rose gets to take her final fight tests, I've been looking forward to this since book one.  She did very well and I'm glad the author actually went into what was required for the test and didn't just breeze over the experience.  After finally becoming a guardian Rose trashes everything once again by ignoring her duties despite her talk of honor and runs off.  This is where Rose's complete selfishness takes over once again, except this time she enlists her friends to help her.  She uses and endangers her friends throughout and ignores any consequences for her or her friends.  I understand why but my lord all that effort and deceit over a man that you're not even sure you can save seems a bit much.  A lot of drama and the story moves along ok I wish there were more fighting and magic and less obsession but we can't always have what we want.  The spelling mistakes continue I was hoping that as the books went on and became more popular that they would have found an editor that would resolve this continuing problem but alas that was not the case.  This book was definitely an improvement  but I'm really hoping the final book will be more like the first ones, otherwise, anything beyond the third book will have been a waste of my time.   

Rating ~ 3