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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Dark Heroine Dinner with a Vampire

The Dark Heroine Dinner with a Vampire
 First of all sorry for anyone who tried to visit my site and it redirected you to Spam.  Thanks to a super great computer whiz I know hopefully that problem is fixed.

So I have had little time lately and though I would decompress with my fav genre, vampire books.  Unfortunately, this was not a good one to get back in with.  The little stamp you see in the picture was a total lie.  This was not the sexiest romance of the year and if it was then those bestowing this award should really get out more.  There was like one sex bit and after that the sex scenes are just breezed over.  I' m thinking this was a teen romance or hoping so to explain the sexy scenes, but if that was the case the editors should not have advertised the book with that stamp it's false advertising.
Warning there are some spoilers to follow... but the title is a spoiler in and of itself so I guess you better get used to it.  This was a predictable book from the very beginning, predictability is not always a bad thing as long as the story to get there is worth my time.  I mean  come on I liked Twilight and those vampires sparkled for God's sake!  This book was a waste, it was basically a book about Stockholm Syndrome, which they mention on several occasions so of course my mind kept going there.  The female character started out with morals and beliefs and aside from crying every other page was an ok character.  She really did cry an obscene amount she had good reason i'll giver her that, but come on suck it up "girly" you can't cry your whole life.  Of course in the end she caved and gave up on everything she stood for the man who kidnapped her, treated her like dirt, hurt her, and left her to die.  Sounds like a healthy relationship to me.  The fate bit wasn't to bad I liked that part and kept me reading.  I'll admit I really like the fate idea, which may make my opinion of the female character tossing her morals hypocritical, but it's my opinion.
**SPOILER** Worst part of the book is there is no real climax, there was two huge build ups in this story and both ended with great disappointment.  The first was between King and Daddy and NOTHING happens, no fight no nothing just a talk of "disappointment" between father and daughter and the end...gag.  The second was the hype of the main female character becoming a vampire, it begins in basically the first few chapters and goes all the way to the end  and the book ends before she even turns!! I wanted to throw the book out the window.  I lost sleep for this horrible ending  What a disappointment.  Around the middle I was actually hooked and thought that it might actually get better, but it didn't. 

Rating ~~ 5