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Also I try very hard to find the cover art from the actual book that I have some times this is not possible and I may result to a more common known cover. At no time will I ever post a book cover with a movie poster on it I like the originality and imagination of books movies just ruin what the readers imagination is capable of creating.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Divine Misdemeanors

Divine Misdemeanors Plot Summary
Anti-climatic is all I have to say.  I am starting to wonder if I am too critical in the books I read.  I guess that means if I like a book then it really is good.  The major antagonist from the series is now gone, this means there is a vacuum in the story that was not filled well in this book.  That is a problem that most series authors seem to run in to.  Once the original story ends, because it eventually has to, its hard to recover the series. You have the bickering between the men and the murder story for drama. Due to the previous gore filled hatefulness in Merry's life this plot just wasn't enough for a good book.  I keep waiting for a big twist and it never came. There was a cool little twist with the men that Merry saved in the previous book but that was the high point.  Looks like the Goddess in keeping her promise. I am hoping that the book that is released in June will fix the major problem that I had with this book. If not I may have to bid adieu to Merry and her babies.  She is still only like 2 months pregnant she has many months to go and I want to see them, but not bad enough to buy/read 3 or 4 badly put together books.  Not to mention the wait time between books is 2 years.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Swallowing Darkness

Swallowing Darkness Plot Summary
Finally!  Merry finally finds a pair of balls in this book.  It's amazing what maternal instinct can do.  This book was much more tolerable than the more recent books; Merry annoyed me much less, the end fight was awesome, and she whined about Frost less which was nice.  I think what happened with him was kind of ridiculous she didn't end up having to sacrifice anything that she really wanted.  That is not really a sacrifice.  Yet, no one asked me and I guess we want happily ever after =/. bleh...this is not happily ever after kind of content.  Any way she finally has her fathers which once again she got everyone she wanted so no sacrifice there either.  I want to be this chick she has a goddess backing her up, a ton of hot men who all adore her, everyone wanting her to be a queen, and she can say she is mortal till she is blue in the face but that does not seem to be the case.  She should have died several times up to and including times in this book.  She can heal and turns out blow people up!  She gets a really cool new weapon that sadly she will hardly ever use, mostly because she is afraid of the power that it is linked to, but it's there none the less.  The Seelie court is going down in flames because of her idiot Uncle and his delusions.  Seems like everything is working out nicely for her.  Not everything is rainbows and puppy dogs though, she did get raped and that was horrible but at least she didn't have to remember any of it.  This whole book took place over the span of 1 day so if the author keeps up this time line those babies won't be born until book 300!  I want to see what the babies come out looking like, with a mix of daddies like that they will be major powerful and very colorful.  We see some minor squabbling with some of the men because they still have to share, but that idea is quickly put to bed by Merry.  Overall, best book compared to the last few.  Only one more book left to read until the newest comes out in June.  I thought the series would keep me busy until the new one was released but I guess I liked them to much to pace myself.  Oops.  What will I do until then?  


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Lick of Frost

A Lick of Frost Plot Summary
While reading this book I realized how jaded I have become, either that or Merry really is a selfish whiner i'm not sure which.  When I first read this series I was younger and believed right along with Merry, but now I say grow up and get over it.   If it wasn't obvious I am becoming quite annoyed with Merry.  She thinks she has some great epiphany in the beginning that her favorite man is Doyle, like we didn't already know that, but she came to this conclusion when he was injured.  In reality she acts irrationally when any of her harem gets injured, she feels in the moment, she felt exactly the same when Galen was hurt too.  This book ends  with her getting almost everything that she wanted, and a few perks that she didn't even know she could have.  Instead of appreciating what she was given, she immediately started bitching about the price of getting everything she has been working to get for herself and her people.  Everything comes at a price right and she got a hell of a lot.  She even said should give all of it back; the fate of her people, the magic, her family, just to get back what she had to give up.  That is selfish, its not all about her.   I guess I shouldn't fault her for being sad over what she had to give up but, don't go around telling other people that love you that they are inadequate...bitch.  I wanted to smack her continuously during this book, its like the second twilight all over again.  Anyway, on the other hand Merry creates a new sithen, which is pretty interesting, and she finally has that meeting with King Taranus that I was gypped out of seeing earlier.  The meeting doesn't go so well and we see the disarray that is the golden court. There is also a really big stretch in the plot that I have trouble getting past.  It seemed like the author couldn't make a decision that would please everyone so she just made some crap up so no reader would be disappointed.  Sometimes you gotta be the bad guy make a choice and stick with it, Merry always says this is not a fairy tail but it sure does seem to be shaping up that way.  If it ends in happily ever after I may vomit.  I guess I didn't like this book much.  The storyline itself is becoming to far fetched and ridiculous.  I was excited about the new book coming out but after re-reading the series now, i'm not so sure.

Rating~~ 4