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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Outlander Plot Summary

The Outlander series is definitely one of my favorites.  With my series' reads, I will go through each book individually because like everything the second is rarely as good as the first.  This is the very beginning of the chick story of Jamie and Claire.  I have read this novel several times already and to my shame, I must say that whenever I re-read this book I usually skip the first 60-70 pages.  The first time you read it you should not leave out this part of the book because it gives you back story to Claire's life, but this particular author is VERY wordy and it only gets worse as the series continues the books only get thicker.  I don't particularly care for Claires first husband to begin with so that may be why I don't like the beginning of the book and I want to get to what I consider the "good part".  This is a great piece of fiction regarding a woman that goes back in time 200 years on accident and the shenanigans that she gets into trying to return to her own time.  She uses her knowledge of the future to help where she can but it tends more to bite her in the ass than anything else.  She adjusts to a much more medieval world than what she is used to and learns some very hard lessons at the expense of others blood, guts, and lives.  Mostly it is the same person getting hurt because, he pledges his life and body to her safety.(very dramatic stuff)  At times the book can be quite graphic in not only its explanation of injuries and torture but also in the sexual scenes, while this book is not harlequin romance (which I will not be adding BTW) it can get heated. The author is amazingly accurate when putting in historical activity so you know she has done her research which would explain why the sequels take so long to come out.  Overall I recommend this book for romance buffs that also can appreciate a brief history lesson.