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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blood Promise

Blood Promise Plot Summary
NO! No no no... we did so well, we got past that halfway point with the first three books just to be knocked down at four.  The first three books were so good and this one was just meh.  Not necessarily bad but just eh.  Toward the end things improved but overall I was unhappy with this book.  It was very slow and overall boring.  Compulsion makes everything more boring, everyone just rolls over and takes it without a fight so lame.  I understand why this was supposed to be interesting with the hunt for our lost love and bringing him to justice or whatever but ugg.  Watching a strong character (physically not so much morally) turn into a drooling addict just sucks.  She gets past her problems by sheer will power and  a little trickery which is impressive and takes care of business briefly which I totally liked.  Unfortunately, afterwards someone dangled hope in front of her and after that, you just know how the next book is gonna go.  I'm hoping the next will be better, but I forsee issues from here.

Rating ~4