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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss Plot Summary
Another good book finished and the action continues to get better.  I really liked this book they are definitely getting better as we go, and I'm glad to see that the series overcame the typical half way terrible book.  Granted, I don't know if the series is done or not but I'm glad to see that the story is progressing well.  We see a lot of the good stuff starting with more fighting and training but between everyone this time, the guardians and their charges.  We see the major development of magic all over campus and the slowly changing perceptions that go with it.  Unfortunately, all the magic seems to make the main character extremely whiney the majority of the book.  She gets pretty dark and full of teen angst but, it gets better toward the end.  There are also some interesting developments with dear Rose, her visions are pretty interesting, turns out not only the moiri have powers after all.  Finally, our star-crossed lover's story comes to a peak while taking a drastic left turn.  It's a rough few month for poor Rose.  The politics follows suit with the rest of the book, I like the way things are turning even if the politics of it all is ridiculous.  I'm not usually one to notice such things but this one I see.  If you can get past that then this book is totally worth the time!